Risk assessment according to BetrSichV, TRBS 1111

The legal requirements:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz, ArbSchG) requires the employer to determine whether there are occupational safety and health hazards and to evaluate them. On this basis, he has to take the necessary measures and to review the effectiveness of the measures. This risk assessment according to § 5 ArbSchG is substantiated by the requirements of the BetrSichV for the provision and use of work equipment.

We prepare the risk assessment according to TRBS 1111 for you directly during the electrical system and equipment testing according to DGUV V3 (formerly BGV A3).

Anyone who, due to his qualifications or technical equipment, is unable to provide the documentation for the above mentioned. Properly carrying out tests and measures is well advised to seek the help of qualified specialists. The liability risk is otherwise incalculable. The operator is responsible for the operation!