Preventive maintenance and building etherography

With a thermographic camera you take objects similar to a modern photo camera.

In this case, however, no normal photo is taken, but the temperature radiated from the object being recorded is displayed as a color spectrum with temperature measurement points. This makes it possible to identify sources of error that can not be seen with mere appearance.

For example, overloaded lines, loosely clamped connections, bearing damage to motors, etc. In the area of ​​building thermal imaging, heat losses are indicated, leakage points in pipelines can be located.


Engineering Thermography makes it possible to detect sources of faults in electrical systems even during normal operation. Thermographic cameras are used to produce images of invisible heat radiation, which allow a precise measurement of the temperature. Before an electrical component fails it becomes hot.Without touching the components, a fault source such as a loose clamping connection or a overloaded line can be detected.This allows the fault to be repaired before damage occurs.

In the field of preventive maintenance, thermography is one of the best methods to detect sources of error.

Preventive maintenance is more favorable than failure of the electrical system, combined with failure of the production processes during the work process. In order to avoid these, regular checks of the electrical system should be carried out. Thermography is a reliable measuring method.

For example:

  • Loose terminals
  • Overloaded leads
  • Electrical connection with too high transition resistance
  • Defective components

Fuse box in an apartment with loaded cables Overloaded cable in a control cabinet.

Building technology

With the help of thermography it is also possible to find fault sources in building technology and also to detect leakages in pipelines.

The course of heating pipes can be seen with the camera and can also be used when working in buildings in order to prevent damage to pipelines during drilling.

  • Underfloor heating
  • Visualization of a hot water pipe in a wall
  • Floor heating hallway
Building thermography

Thermal bridges can be seen in the building's thermography and show where expensive heating energy is wasted.

The thermograms give you a good help for the rehabilitation of a building and even after a refurbishment can be established whether the refurbishment was carried out successfully.

If you want to buy a house, you can already determine with a thermography measurement before the purchase how the heat loss in the desired building looks like.