An Inspection Plaque (or Assessment Plaque) is the outward sign that HCE has determined the regularity of a monitored item or its conduct with respect to any applicable statutory or other provisions on the date of the test and at the same time the date of the next due examination.

Properties of our plaques

DGUV Regulation 3 - Accident Prevention Regulations, Electrical Installations and Equipment

Self-adhesive inspection sticker maintenance badge made of special test sticker foil

  • UV-resistant
  • scratch-proof
  • Water resistant
  • self-adhesive
  • Temperature range: -45 ° C - + 82 ° C
Variants of our plaques

Color: Yellow / White / Blue / Red / Green / Brown / Orange / Purple / Gray
Diameter Ø: 20mm / 30mm / 40mm

The badges signal to the user the timely inspection of the equipment and thus ensure the risk-free use. We are happy to design our badges according to your wishes.