Our logging standard

We provide you with a professional documentation, which proves the conduct of the test according to DGUV 3 at the professional association, the insurance or even in court beyond doubt.

The test report (test report) documents the condition of the tested devices. In addition to the device-specific data such as device type, type, location, etc., it also contains the measurement results in a clear format (limit value / measured value). You can also see the following from the test report:

  • Names of examiners
  • Date of implementation
  • Used measuring devices
  • number of devices
  • error rate
  • next examination date
  • Signature of the responsible person.

In addition, you will receive from us a list of devices / collection protocol (for example as a PDF file).
For example, you can use this list as an inventory directory for your departments.
In a clear form, the device-specific data are once again documented and the errors unequivocally described.

In addition, we offer you to provide the tested devices with a Barcode, this saves a lot of time and thus money in the context of a repeat test, since the device data can be read immediately into the meter.

The operator of electrical appliances and systems has to prove the proper condition of the equipment in case of damage! The exams are documented and archived. The test sticker on the device confirms the measurement.

For the creation of reports, we use the test software of our measuring instruments, in which the results are stored over several test periods. We only use premium manufacturers such as Fluke or Gossen Metrawatt for our measuring instruments in order to be able to assure you of the best quality.